Tuesday, September 9, 2014

National Suicide Prevention Week

"You're young, healthy, have a beautiful son, no bills, and no job. What do you have to be depressed about?" Those words were spoken by someone who, while he loved me, had no real understanding about depression. And they are words that have stuck with me over the years since they were first said. He was right. At the time I had everything I could ask for (no job was because I wanted to be at home with my son instead) and by all intents and purposes I should have been very happy with life. Yet I found it hard to get out of bed in the morning, spent most of my day curled around myself in a chair, only hugged my young son when I couldn't help it, and disappeared into my room whenever I could. I knew the symptoms well because I had gone through the same thing many times over the years, but it didn't mean that I had any idea of how to really handle it.
I consider myself very lucky when it comes to depression. While I have had several bouts with it they have been fairly short ordeals, the last one lasting only two weeks before I was able to recover myself. As I deal with it I find it easier for me to hang on to the world, able to go about my day to day life with very little effect from a sour mood. I have a very mild case. And with a family to think about I know that this is a blessing.
That was not the case when I was younger. When my parents got divorced I moved with my father to a very small town in Texas. I was fortunate enough to find a small group of friends that would become vital to my struggle until graduation five years later. I had a very support father that encouraged me to be who I wanted to be. Again, I was blessed. This did not stop people from making fun of and bullying me for most of that time. I was very different from nearly everyone at the school. My choosing to study paganism led to a lot of pain on my end. It was tough. I entertained thoughts of suicide on numerous occasions. Luckily I am too much of a wimp to go through with anything and I had one friend in particular that understood what I was going through and helped keep me sane, because she had been there too.
All of this has made me a much stronger person today. And as a mother it has prepared me for what I may face with my children one day. I am very blessed to have made it this far and discovered what I have.

Not everyone is so lucky. There are so many people out there suffering in silence. Some even suffering out loud that still feel utterly alone. Too many people do not have the resources and support they think they need to make it out the other end.

September 8th through the 12th is National Suicide Prevention Week. As part of an effort to reach out to those who may think they have no other choice, I am going to participate in the campaign started by the non-profit organization "To Write Love On Her Arm" (TWLOHA) for this year. The theme, as you can see, is "No One Else Can Play Your Part." As part of this I am going to find a reason I am special for each day of this week, I challenge you to do the same! Why can no one else be you? What is your reason for staying?

I also want to encourage everyone to follow TWLOHA on Facebook and/or Twitter. Each day they post someone else's statement along with posts from their blog. They also give people resources and ways to help others. No matter what your connection to depression and suicide is, they will point you in the direction you need.

Maybe together we can help the growing number of people who battle depression find a safe place they can turn to. Those of us that have the ability to stand up need to do so for those that can't. Put a smile on your face when you go out because maybe it will brighten up someone's day enough to make it to tomorrow. Stop your harsh words before they are said because you don't know the battle that person has been facing up to that point. Open your mind to the possibility that diversity is a blessing, not something to single someone out on belittle them for. And always remember that no one can play your part, not in your story of the story of others. Make that part memorable and beautiful!

Resources and Links -
To Write Love On Her Arm
Find Help

I use this particular group because they offered help when I needed it. I have "OneLove" tattooed on my arm because of them, but with my own personal take. There are, however, many more groups out there. I encourage those that need it to find the group that will help them most with their struggle. All that is important is finding the support you need!

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No One Else Can Play My Part because no one else can understand them like I can!

Tuesday - No One Else Can Play My Part because I think I give the kids I watch something special. There have been many and they have all been great! These are my current ones: Landen and Hunter.

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