Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Celebration

List Items #2 and #81

(Unforunately DH was unable to attend due to work. Our first family event without him :(  )

Every year we gather at my parents' house in the country, located on 2+ acres of land outside of city limits it is the perfect place to have a 4th of July party! There are always plenty of people gathered, a lot of laughter, and the fireworks are always interesting (usually accompanied by at least one small "incident" to keep us on our toes and give us something to talk about until the next holiday involving explosives!) This year however plans were changed due to unfortunate events, and so we decided to move the party to a local festival. So after having dinner with my Dad and Stepmom, we packed the kids up and trekked out to Tioga for some fun. 

List Item #81 - Attend a festival

With some booths set up, donations for the local Fire Department, and an awesome live band, we were glad to be able to attend this festival. We took blankets and chairs to set out a spot to watch the fireworks, and spent the time talking to friends and letting the kids run themselves ragged! They were so happy that NaNa got them glow sticks!

And with the place growing increasingly crowded, Jareth discovered a new friend when the girl next to us got her own light stick and joined in the chase! Over the next hour or so as we waited for dark, Jareth and the little girl (whose name I failed to catch) discovered more things they had in common between rounds of tag. And when the fireworks did start, they were eager to share a blanket and talk about the night.

Item # 2- Watch the fireworks

Livia and I cuddle on the blanket and watched the fireworks going off nearly above our heads. It was a wonderful display that seemed to go on forever in beautiful colors that lit of the sky. I loved watching Livia point to the sky as her favorite went off and hearing Jareth and his new friend talking about the just behind me. A memory that will forever stay with me is the sound of little voices talking as the little girl commented :"This has been the best day." And Jareth replied with "Yeah, for me too."

It was an amazing night and the kids had such a blast! I hope everyone of you had a wonderful night as well! Can I ask, did anyone else tear up at the festivities? Maybe it is coming from Texas with a strong since of loyalty to state that made me so gushy, but I couldn't help shedding a few tears as they sang the national anthem and the fireworks began. Maybe I am of a dying breed of Americans that feels a strong sense of pride as the fireworks go off and I can't help letting my overactive imagination drift to thoughts of the war we fought for freedoms we all seem to take for granted. Whatever it is, last night was one of those nights that touches my heart every year, and I hope I am not the only one! 

So I will leave you with a few pictures of fireworks that won't do the show justice. Feel free to share yours, or your feelings about this time of the year. Just remember, keep it sweet! Love you all! And a Happy Independence Day to you!

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