Sunday, June 29, 2014

Great American Backyard Campout Fun!

Item #44 - Do a backyard campout

This was one list item that we were not sure we were going to be able to do at the beginning of the summer. Living in an apartment complex, we thought this was going to be something we would have to do when we moved, which could be as far away as next March. Would it be something we couldn't cross off the list? 
Well then I was told about the Great American Backyard Campout, a nationwide event that gets people into nature and appreciating the wildlife around them, whether at a camp ground or even in their own back yard! And every pledge to participate was $2 that went toward the National Wildlife Federation's fund. That's a pretty good cause! So we dared ask if we could set up a tent on the grassy area in front of our building and management gave us more: We could set up next to the front office and invite everyone else in the complex to join us!

With the pool and grills right next to us, it was an awesome camp site! Unfortunately no one else decided to join us for the night, but that didn't stop our kids from having all kinds of fun! We made our usual hotdogs and s'mores until it got dark, at which point we tried a new experiment: glow sticks and bubbles!

The couple that hosts the events here at our apartment complex came down to see us for a little while with their adorable son, so we were really hoping this would work out and be some great fun for the kids. We cut the top off the glowing sticks and added the goo to the bubble solution, hoping to get glow in the dark bubbles. While the mixture glowed, it was only at the bottom as the glow liquid sank and didn't mix in very well. As the two began to mix the glow began to diminish, so we counted this as a fail. However, giving up is not our style! We will try this one again with different methods! Does anyone out there have any ideas? We were thinking of using the glow liquid as the base for a homemade bubble solution and seeing if that worked a little better. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know!

Despite the failed attempt at nighttime entertainment, the kids had tons of fun running around blowing bubbles and getting to do their usual campout fun! The night itself can be counted as a success in our book! Plus, we discovered a new activity to partake in each year, because you know we will be pledging and joining in on the fun again next year!
Did anyone else make the pledge and campout? Tell us how your night went! We hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

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