Monday, June 9, 2014

Blanket Fort takes over the living room!

List Item #7 - Build a blanket fort

After a long day at A-Kon we decided to have some family fun time at home! With snack foods for dinner and an afternoon of Fairy Tale to end our Anime day, we knew just the item to knock off our Summer List! Blanket Fort!

I don't know what the rules are for a blanket fort, but Gary and I decided early on that since it needed to be big we would need a little help. We got the supporting poles for our tent out and used those to create the structure. Draping a sheet over most of it we had plenty of room for the whole family, yes Brewster was included, to sit, eat, and enjoy some of Natsu and Lucy's adventures! We are proud of our large creation as it held together through the night and all of Livia's antics! And the kids loved being able to chill on the floor with Mommy and Daddy under the canopy. It was a great ending to this wonderful day! Here are the pics!

This adventure was definitely worth the hassle it took to get it just right! And it is another item off the list! Tell us, have you ever built a blanket fort? What did you use? Maybe we can do this again with your ideas! Have an awesome summer!

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