Sunday, June 15, 2014

Going for a hike! And a Father's Day project!

List Items - #23, #57, #96 

We had a special guest for our Saturday afternoon. A little girl I watched for a while got to stay the night with us. So we wanted to have tons of fun while she was here! First we loaded everyone up in the van and made our way over to Isle Du Boise once more. While a hike was not her idea of fun, the results sure made her smile!

#23 - Go for a hike 

We decided that finding a trail at the State Park would be perfect for what we wanted to do. After arriving we choose to stop just inside the gate and walk the Lost Pines Trail since Brewster was still having a bit of trouble dealing with the car. We walked the trail until it reached the lake where we found rocks and shells perfect for what we wanted to do! Bringing the rocks home the wind began to pick up and we decided to take advantage of it as soon as we got home!

#96 - Go Fly a Kite

Livia shared her kite with Jayden, letting her friend help get the kite into the sky and take a turn at holding the string. Then of course they began to chase each other around while watching the kite fly high.

We flew the kites overhead until we ran out light to really see them. It caught the attention of some of the people at the pool, which was right behind us, and some watched until we finally pulled them down. The had so much fun, and the wind was pretty gusty while we were out there! Finally we went back home and finished up the day!

#57 - Paint Rocks

Call me crazy but I let the kids sit down and paint their finds once I had cleaned them off.  They weren't exactly clean about it, but we use Crayola paints which wash off easily. What's fun without a little mess every now and then!

Once they were done we let the rocks dry over night. They were each beautiful in their own special way!
Once dry I got out my gold metallic marker and wrote a special note on the rocks. We sent Jayden's home with her to give to her father, and we presented Daddy with his when he woke up this morning. And it made for a very special Father's Day gift!

We had so much fun and this whole trip cost us absolutely nothing, and we were still able to cross off 3 more items off the summer list! We were  so glad that we were able to have Jayden over while we did some of these things, especially with her being practically a member of our family. Another successful fun day!

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