Thursday, June 12, 2014

PB&J Theme Night

I have an amazing friend with an amazing mom, and when they last went berry picking they spent the day making jams! They were then kind enough to send me some! Planning for a PB&J testing night  began. Finally we did it, picking a movie, and discovered all the new flavors!

We had 6 different flavors! StrawberryRaspberry, StrawberryPeach, Strawberry, Peach Marmalade, Apple Marmalade, and Cranberry Marmalade.

One each of the sandwiches. We wanted just a taste of each so that we could figure out which ones we liked! 

Cut them in quarters so they are bite sized samples and add some Cheetos (or Cheez-Its in Jareth's case) to help cleanse the pallet in between flavors!

We watched this cute movie about a high school junior that discovers that he has the super power to create food from his hands. 

It turned into a fun little night! And my picky eaters discovered some new flavors they like. Jareth just loved the StrawberryRaspberry and plain Strawberry Jams and he liked the Apple but was not a huge fan of it. We both discovered we are not Peach or Cranberry fans. And while I don't particularly like apples unless they are whole, I am now a fan of the Apple Marmalade! 

This was a great chance for us to discover new things, including a cute movie! And it was all thanks to some wonderful friends! I encourage everyone to try something like this! When given a lot of choices the kids were more comfortable with trying new things because they knew that it was ok to not like one thing. And now I have knew things I can feed the kids once more!

Another Theme Night success!


  1. Aww! I'm the mom! I'm so glad you liked the jams (well, most of them). Probably not doing the cranberry marmalade again as none of us were big fans either. But the rest we love! Looking forward to sending more this year!

  2. We did enjoy most of them, and I am going to give the cranberry over to my father who may like it as he is a cranberry fan. We look forward to more too!