Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Random Movie Trip

List Items #62, #35, and #11

It started out as a simple trip up the Jareth's school to give his teacher a gift our favorite GiGi made for her. And since we were already in the car and talking about wanting to do something fun and check something off the list, we started thinking. Of course it had to be something cheap since we don't have much money right at the moment. Dollar Movie! So we took ourselves into town and picked a movie. Since it was Livia's first time in a theater we saw a movie the boys had already seen, allowing Daddy to miss parts of it to go entertain Livia when she got antsy. So we saw:

The LEGO Movie - #62 Go to a dollar movie

And of course since we were already in the area we had to stop in at Yogurt Story for some of the best dessert available!

#35 Frozen Yogurt

Mommy - Espresso/Chocolate/NY Cheesecake with mini M&Ms and cherries
Jareth - PeanutButter/Chocolate/Strawberry with mini Reeces, gummy bears, and sour gummy worms and 1 cherry

Livia stole Bubba's and made a nice little mess!

And thanks to 102.1 The EDGE we had some great music to turn up and sing to!

#11 Sing loudly with the car windows down

Livia dancing in the front seat (as Jareth and I got our yogurt) really entertained a girl walking along so much she put down her bags and began dancing along. It started and ended with Bastille! Our line up on the way home included Pompeii, No Rest For The Wicked, Safe and Sound, and Bad Blood!

All in all the trip cost us about $10 and we had so much fun! 3 more items checked off our list and a little randomness for the kids! This is what our summer is supposed to be about! I am so glad we got the chance to enjoy it!

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