Monday, June 16, 2014

Great American Backyard Campout

This year is the 10th annual national campout, and me and the kids will be participating! Unfortunately the hubby will be unable to join us due to work, so instead I have invited the whole apartment complex! We will all be setting up our tents around the office building and having a group campout to support the National Wildlife Federation.

For everyone that pledges to take part in the campout, the Board of Directors for the NWF and their friends has agreed to donate $2 to the wildlife conservation work. This may not seem like much to you, but when people all over the country join in and pledge the money adds up! You get a night under the stars and help a great cause at the same time!

If you can't make it on the 28th, that's ok. You can still pledge and just camp out at any point over the summer. Just remember to take pictures and send them in of you memorable night in nature!

We look forward to getting the chance to spend the night with friends, and hope that everyone takes the challenge as well! So go to BackYardCampOut and pledge! And let us know that you did! We will post more on the day of the event!

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